6 Signs You Need Heating Repair

Having your heater suddenly stop working in the middle of winter can be a total nightmare. Chances are, however, that long before your heating system failed there were signs that it needed to be repaired. Rather than chance it and wait until things are no longer functioning, it’s better to heed these signs and hire a heating repair company before the problem gets worse.

Here are six major signs you need heating repair.

  1. Your Electric Bill is Unusually High: One of the first signs that something is majorly wrong with your heating system is when your electric bills suddenly go way up compared to how much they usually are in the winter. While utility companies do raise rates from time to time, this is usually done gradually. If your bill leaps up dramatically it may mean you’re having to use more and more heat just to make your home comfortably warm, a sign that your heater is no longer running efficiently.
  2. Uneven Heating and Cold Spots: Does your heating system seem to work well in some areas of your home, while leaving other rooms or areas cold and drafty no matter how high you turn your thermostat? This is a common problem in homes with heating system ductwork issues, especially in older homes. It’s definitely worth having an expert come out to inspect your heater and ducts, in order to determine and fix the cause of the heating airflow issues. This way you will be able to fully enjoy your entire home in the winter, rather than just parts of it.
  3. Cranking the Heat Higher and Higher: If you find yourself turning the heat up beyond what’s reasonable or typical for you just to have a halfway comfortable home, your heating system is definitely not working as efficiently as it should be. Having your furnace repaired will save you money in the long run on your electricity bills and help ensure your home stays comfortably toasty without having to turn the heat up an unreasonable amount.
  4. Your Furnace Makes Crazy Noises: All heating systems make some noise, but a furnace in good repair should be relatively quiet. If your furnace has been getting louder lately, suddenly making new banging, clanking, or moaning type sounds, this is a definite sign something is probably about to go wrong with it. As old furnaces start to break down they tend to get much noisier.
  5. Bad Air Quality: If the air in your home seems dusty or hazy no matter how much you clean, this is a sign that something’s wrong. This is particularly true if you or other members of your family have recently begun to show signs of respiratory illness or asthma. A furnace that isn’t working properly may be circulating dust, mildew, and other potential contaminants or allergens throughout your home. Your first step in this situation should be to change out the filter on your furnace but if this doesn’t work, definitely call a heating repair company.
  6. Your Pilot Light is Yellow: Take a look at the pilot light on your furnace. According to heating experts, a properly working furnace will usually have a pilot light with a blue flame. If your pilot light’s flame is primarily yellow, orange, red, purple, or green, you have a furnace problem on your hands. These colors indicate the presence of too many condensates like tar or rust, which reduce the efficiency of your furnace and can even cause harmful pollutants to enter the air of your home.

If you notice one or more of these issues with your heating system, it’s definitely time to call Frederick Air to come check things out.

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