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Why Investing in a New HVAC System is a Smart Financial Decision for Your Home in 2023

Investing in a new HVAC system can be a financially savvy decision because of the reduced energy bills alone, but there are also numerous rebates and incentives available in Maryland for a limited time only. With more and more homeowners looking for ways to reduce their energy bills and optimize their home’s energy usage, upgrading to a new HVAC system can help you achieve these goals and improve the overall efficiency and performance of your home heating and cooling systems. Here are some ways you can save on a new system this year.

New HVAC System Rebates and Incentives

Federal Tax Credit

You could save up to $3,200 annually with the Federal Residential Energy Efficient Home Improvement Tax Credit. That includes a) up to $2,000 per year for qualified heat pumps, b) up to $600 for qualified air conditioners, and c) up to $600 for qualified furnaces. We know what technology qualifies and we make it easy by providing the paperwork for you.

Potomac Edison HVAC Rebate Program

We are a participating contractor for Potomac Edison’s HVAC Rebate Program. Therefore, you can take advantage of discounted purchase prices and energy savings for your home. Installing high-efficiency HVAC equipment will make your home more comfortable and lower your energy costs. You can save up to $1,300 per system with this rebate program! 

Manufacturer Rebates

Several manufacturers are offering rebates that range from $1,250 – $1,575 per system. Since we work with multiple manufacturers, we are able to offer these rebates and provide you with an estimate based on the best choice for your home comfort and wallet.

Financing Options Available at 0% for 18 months

Exciting news! Now you can enjoy same-as-cash financing for a generous 18 months through Synchrony Bank. Plus, we have many other affordable, long-term financing options to choose from. Just let us know if this option suits your needs and we’ll happily assist you in getting started.


There has never been a better time for you to upgrade your home and energy efficiency with a new HVAC system. With Federal tax credits, Potomac Edison rebates, Manufacturer rebates and 0% financing options for 18 months at Synchrony Bank, it’s impossible to pass up these great savings! Don’t wait to start enjoying the benefits of lower energy costs and improved home comfort. Give us a call today to get started or click here to book your one-time inspection online. Frederick Air – It’s a Good Call!

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