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HVAC System One-Time Inspection Explained

In our last article, we mentioned why it’s important to schedule a one-time inspection if it’s been a few years since your last HVAC maintenance visit. Here we dive into the details about what a one-time inspection entails so that you can make the best decision for your household.

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Frequently Asked Questions About the One-Time Inspection

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Why should I get a one-time inspection?

A one-time inspection is both an assessment and a checkup of your HVAC system. It’s beneficial for those who haven’t had a maintenance inspection for a few years because it can increase the efficiency of your system, prevent costly repairs, and provide peace of mind. Here’s a full list of reasons to service your old HVAC System.

What is a one-time inspection?

More than a maintenance visit, this is a thorough inspection of your system that includes a discussion with one of our trained and certified technicians about any repairs that might be needed and the estimated remaining lifespan of the system itself.

Who is a one-time inspection right for?

We know that life is busy and preventive maintenance is not necessarily on the forefront of your mind. A one-time inspection is right for current homeowners who are concerned about the health of their system, uncertain of the future, and possibly looking to plan for a replacement and new homeowners who need information about their HVAC system. 

What does the technician do during a one-time inspection?

This extensive inspection includes activities like system cleaning, pressure checks, cleaning/adjusting the burner assembly, tightening electrical connections, measuring volts/amps on motors, testing safety controls, measuring airflow, and checking the filters. At the end of the visit, you’ll know how your HVAC system is doing, what repairs are needed or will be needed soon, and an estimate of how much lifespan is remaining.

How much does a one-time inspection cost?

As of the date of this article, a one-time inspection is $250. This amount can be credited towards the purchase of a new system, should you need one. Please ask your technician for details.


A one-time inspection is a thorough assessment of the HVAC system and is beneficial for those who haven’t had a maintenance visit in a long time. At the end of the visit, homeowners will know how their HVAC system is doing and what repairs are needed or will be needed soon.

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