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ductless mini split in bedroom

Homeowners Share Their Experiences with Frederick Air’s Ductless System Installation

Home is where the heart is, and homeowners agree that the key to a comfortable home is a reliable HVAC system. As energy efficiency and adaptable climate control become increasingly crucial, many are turning to ductless systems for their heating and cooling needs. In this article, we’ve gathered insights from homeowners who chose Frederick Air for their ductless system installation. [Related Reading: How do ductless systems work?]

The Basics of Ductless System Installation

Ductless systems, sometimes known as mini-splits, have surged in popularity due to their efficiency, ease of installation, and flexibility in climate control. Unlike traditional HVAC systems that rely on extensive ductwork, ductless systems provide targeted heating and cooling without the need for a network of ducts. This not only results in a quieter, more efficient system but often a more cost-effective solution in the long run. Check out these Frederick County neighborhoods that are popular for ductless systems.

Ductless HVAC Install in Historic Home

We were very pleased with Frederick Air. We got a ductless HVAC system for our upstairs after years of broiling in the summer since our existing system wasn’t sufficient to cool the whole house properly. We got good service all away around, starting with the very first phone call to schedule the appointment. We did get other estimates to see if other companies had other ideas on how to cool our upstairs and what their pricing was, but Frederick Air had the best pricing and the best advice. We were super impressed with all of the installers, who were super professional, here exactly when they said they would be, very interested in answering all questions, and super clean- I didn’t even notice any dust anywhere from where they needed to cut drywall. The electrician they contracted was great too. We couldn’t have been happier with the experience. Thank you, we will be much more comfortable in our home now.” -Noah K.

Ductless Mini-Split Install and Tailored Solutions in Historic Home

“We had no doubt throughout the entire process (from initial quote to job completion) that Frederick Air was the right choice. We received expert advice from Dan as we were navigating our options to install a ducted HVAC system in our ductless house. As first time home buyers, we were clueless on the process, but Dan made it easy for us to ask questions and answered all of our concerns knowledgeably. As the job started, we continued to feel reassurance that we made the right choice with Frederick Air. Dillon, Chad, & Brian gave us security in knowing that they were doing the job right the first time and put us at ease as they navigated our difficult project confidently and professionally. Not once did we regret our choice to go with Frederick Air and you won’t either!” – Chris P.

1870 Log House Meets Modern Comfort After Ductless System Installation

“I had Frederick Air install a ductless Mini Split system in my 1870 log house. Brian and Ryan led the guys on the install consulting with me how I wanted the hoses run and where to place the units. The did a great job. After the install I discovered that my small bedroom would overheat over time by “bleeding” heat off the other units. Brian and Jason spent many hours (and visits) trying to figure out a fix, working with the manufacturer and finally they came up with an answer. I really appreciated their effort and professionalism.” – Robert

The Frederick Air Difference

Choosing the right company to install your HVAC system is as important as selecting the system itself. Frederick Air stands out due to our commitment to efficient installation, customer service, and post-installation support. Homeowners appreciated the professional guidance from Frederick Air’s technicians who helped them determine the optimal placement of their ductless units to ensure maximum home comfort. Call us today and schedule your home comfort consultation – 301-663-0300

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