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Why the Aprilaire 800 is the Best Whole-House Steam Humidifier for Your Home

Whole-house steam humidifiers are amazing machines that you attach to the furnace in your home. They moisten the warm air that is delivered through the pre-existing ductwork in your house. By doing that, they make the atmosphere more comfortable to breathe in, and they thoroughly moisten dry air that causes numerous discomforts like itchy skin and eyes, scratchy throats, and many other health issues.

What Is the Aprilaire 800 Whole House Steam Humidifier?

The Aprilaire 800 does several beneficial things for your home:

  • Raises the overall comfort of your house
  • Moistens the warm air from the heating system
  • Improves humidity and lessens allergy and asthma symptoms and it improves the overall health of your lungs
  • Saves wooden furniture and floors that would otherwise have a much shorter lifespan due to all the dry, warm air
  • Saves you money by making the air more comfortable. As a result, your body gets warmer, which leads to decreased heating costs

These are the things that nearly every whole-house steam humidifier on the market provides. However, unlike other high-quality humidifiers, the Aprilaire 800 gives you so much more.

What Makes the Aprilaire 800 So Special?

The device uses electrode technology, which means that the electric current flows between electrodes that are submerged in water, heating the water as a byproduct of the electric current.

The benefit of this lies in the fact that not only does the machine work much better, but cleaning also becomes much easier. The electrodes are located in a replaceable canister, which you can throw out when the cold season passes and install a new one.

On top of that, this highly efficient system requires impure water to operate correctly, so you don’t need to have a costly water filtration system for your whole-house steam humidifier.

The Aprilaire 800 has a few other useful features:

  • Ideal for dry climates
  • No dust or white film collects for you to clean – something that happens to all other humidifiers
  • Covers up to 6,200 square feet of space
  • Has digital controls that make operating easy
  • Can work automatically with its dual-sensor auto mode

All in all, with the Aprilaire 800, you get a simple-to-use, effective humidifier that can work automatically and keep the humidity level in your home always in the optimal range. Plus, you don’t have to clean it!

If you believe this incredible machine is the right humidifier for your home, feel free to contact Frederick Air, and we can set it up for you.



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