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Celebrating 30 Years: Five Big Changes in Business Since 1992

We’re celebrating our 30-year anniversary in the latest issue of the Home Comfort Quarterly. We created a list of thirty changes that have happened in the past thirty years. This is an excerpt from that article. Subscribe to receive the current issue and read this article in its entirety.

Steve Schmidt founded Frederick Air in 1992, and he has been making every effort to incorporate new technology into his systems ever since. Let’s look at how much our world changed over three decades with these changes.

  1. Internet
    While the internet existed in 1992, it wasn’t used for commercial purposes until later that decade. Thinking back to a life without the internet, founder Steve Schmidt says, “most work was generated by word of mouth. The internet has made it much easier to get in front of more people who need our help.”
  2. Cell Phones
    Our smartphones provide more benefits than quick contact with team members. The calculator and flashlight are important tools that we don’t have to carry around anymore.
  3. Listening to Music
    You know that we love the radio. After all, Steve is on it all the time! Listening to music on the go has changed and many technicians enjoy listening to Spotify, YouTube Music, or even a podcast while they’re traveling to the next appointment.
  4. HVAC System Accessories
    Whole-home humidifiers, UV air cleaners, and other indoor air purification devices were around in the 90s but they weren’t known to the extent that they are now. Air purification in particular has been an important topic in the past two years, with requests for the Air Scrubber being the most popular way to purify the air in your home.
  5. Ductless Mini Splits
    This is another example of technology that was around but wasn’t as popular as they are today. We’re proud to install these systems in older homes that don’t have the space for ductwork. Homeowners are happy that their home stays at a comfortable temperature year-round.

It’s nostalgic to reflect on the past 30 years and reminisce about the way things used to be. However, we really appreciate the advancements in technology that allow us to be more efficient and provide our customers with the best customer service. Thirty years has given us a lot to celebrate – most especially great customers like you!

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