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Deep Clean Your Home and HVAC Unit

If you’re going to deep clean your home this year, be sure to include your HVAC unit. By changing your air filter and cleaning around the unit, you can ensure it’s able to run at optimal efficiency. Pick and choose which items are important to you from the list below and give us a call if you’d like us to handle the HVAC system requirements. We’d love to take care of it for you.

Here’s a checklist of ideas for deep cleaning your home.

“Spring” Cleaning Tasks by Area of the Home


Wash all throw pillows, bedding, and bed. Flip or rotate the mattress (if you’re using a pillow top). Throw away the items under the bed you don’t need anymore.

Wash your bedding regularly to reduce dust mites and dirt, which collect in pillows and sheets and can cause allergies.

Don’t forget about the importance of changing your air filter. Although you can’t eliminate dust mites from your home completely, you can significantly improve the air in your home with a new filter.


Clean and disinfect the shower and bathtub. Clean and wash the mats, shower curtains, and liners.

Dust all decorative items. 

Make sure you clean your bathroom fans every year. Take the cover off and wash it with water and soap. Remove dirt from the fan blades using a toothbrush (remember to turn the power off first). Every time you clean visible dirt, your system will run more efficiently, while improving airflow.


Everyone cooks and gathers to eat in the kitchen, so naturally, you want it clean. 

Wash the kitchen cabinets. Deep clean the oven, as a dirty oven works less efficiently.

Clean the inside of the fridge. Move the fridge to make sure you mop and vacuum behind it.

You should also take care of the household products with contaminants, such as air fresheners, aerosol sprays, and hobby supplies that can all cause health issues, like asthma and chronic lung disease.

Living Room

The living room is probably one of the most used rooms in the house, so you want to do a great job here.

Dust and polish all furniture and decorative items. Vacuum all lampshades and upholstery. Steam wash all throw blankets and pillows. Dust and polish the furniture. If necessary, vacuum and disinfect the carpets, because just like in bedsheets and pillows, dust mites can also live in carpets. Vacuuming cleans surface dust, but the vacuum cleaner can’t remove most dust mites and their allergens.

This time of year is the perfect time to caulk around your home’s doors and windows. That will help keep the heat out in the summer and prevent cold air coming inside during the winter, lowering your energy consumption all year round.

Reduce mold and humidity with exhaust fans and dehumidifiers. Run your ceiling fans counterclockwise, so that the airflow produced could create a wind-chill effect.

Clean Your A/C Unit Outside

Get your air conditioner in optimal working condition. It will function much better without the dirt and debris that’s been there all year.

Clean the area around the air conditioner and clean out any debris, dirt, or grass clippings on the sides or top of your outside air conditioning unit with a low-pressure hose. Debris and dirt block the airflow and reduce your unit’s cooling capacity.

Also, look at the drainage hole on the base of the cabinet, which is located under the evaporator fins. This hole needs to stay clean in order for the air conditioning unit to work well.


It’s important to ensure your HVAC system doesn’t have any leaves or debris around it. You’ll also want to change your filter so that the air you breathe is cleaner and your system runs efficiently. Now is a great time to schedule your appointment with a Frederick Air HVAC technician. Click here to schedule your next preventive maintenance visit online.

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