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Incredible Review for HVAC Service Repair and Replacement

We’re so thankful for the customers who take the time to leave a review of our services. Once in a while, we highlight a notable review so that the client knows we appreciate their kind words, and our team members are publicly acknowledged for their extraordinary efforts. This is one of those times.

Exceptional Review for HVAC Repair & Replacement

“On July 19th, 2020, in the midst of one of the hottest July’s on record for the DC Metro area, my 28-year-old HVAC unit stopped blowing cold air. I had recently spoken with my neighbor who reported being very pleased with the new Bryant system Frederick Air had installed for them, so I reached out to Frederick Air that Sunday afternoon when my A/C went out.

Frederick Air had a technician out to my place the following day, and he quickly diagnosed my problem, overcame a problem presented as a function of my existing unit being 28 years old, and had my A/C back on in a very short time.

Acknowledging my current unit was well past its life expectancy, I told Michael I wanted to get someone out to assess an optimum replacement system, and that occurred within a very short time. Frederick Air’s Dan Cline came out and did a quick, yet thorough assessment of my current system and my home, and by that afternoon I had a contract for the system I wanted, and that he agreed would be optimum for my home and HVAC needs, and at a very reasonable price!

“The Frederick Air team just really came through for me, in an overall way that really exceeded my expectations,”

Shortly thereafter, Frederick Air had another technician (Chad) come out and do a pre-install analysis, taking down specific measurements, etc., in support of a smooth new system install, and once again, I am extremely happy to say that on September 1st, Frederick Air’s John and Steven arrived at my home as planned, early in the morning, and they got right to work removing the old system and installing the new system, including the inside HVAC components and the outside A/C compressor unit.

They completed the job by early afternoon, and when they gave me a tour of their handy-work, I have to honestly say, I was totally impressed by the excellence I observed in their attention to detail, and just basically a marvelous, yet clearly complex job! Both John and Steven took the time to explain the details of the new system and to answer any questions I had.

Bottom line, the Frederick Air team just really came through for me, in an overall way that really exceeded my expectations, and, I expected them to be good, given my neighbor’s prior remarks.” – Fred H.

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We are extremely grateful for every review that our customers take time to write. (Even the negative ones, which help us improve our processes.) We’ve received hundreds of five-star reviews from satisfied customers. If you’re ready to work with the best of the best, contact us today.

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