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How to Choose an HVAC System for Your Home Addition

Expanding your home is an exciting time and a great opportunity to have a new HVAC system. Before you go ahead and start decorating your new room and moving the furniture in, take this opportunity to install a new system while your room is still empty and clutter-free. Here’s how to choose the best option for your space.

Choosing the Best Option for Your Home Addition

There are several options when it comes to heating and cooling your home addition. First, you might be able to extend the existing HVAC system to the new space by either adding ductwork or adding another indoor ductless unit. This only works if your current system has some extra capacity.

If the current system cannot take the additional load, you could add a ducted HVAC system to serve the new addition or you could choose a ductless system. A ductless system has many advantages including an easier installation and a separate thermostat for comfort control in that area.

Selecting a new system doesn’t need to be difficult or daunting. There is a huge amount of choice available and our home comfort consultants are here to help you determine the right option for you. Here are some things to consider when making your decision.  

All-New Installation or Add-on

Could this be an opportunity to revamp your whole home’s HVAC system? If the rest of your home has old, aging units, why not go ahead and look at updating your whole home’s HVAC to a more modern and efficient system? You may be able to afford a more sophisticated system that heats and cools while also being energy efficient. 

Size of the Room

Make sure that you measure the room properly. It’s best if one of our experts measure it for you. (There’s no charge for this consultation and no pressure to purchase.) In order to conduct an estimate on your own, you will need to know how high the ceiling is, floor area, construction type, the window and door areas, and insulation values. The larger the space is, the bigger and more powerful of a unit you will need to purchase. Otherwise, it won’t be able to properly heat or cool the room.

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Use of the Room and Noise Level

If this new room is for a new addition to the family, you might want to think about looking for a system that is very quiet. Some units make more noise than others, and this may disturb a baby or young child who is sleeping when the system kicks on.  If you are keeping instruments such as a piano in that space, consider adding a whole-house humidifier to make sure the instrument stays in excellent condition. Most of our systems are very quiet but the purpose of the space is still important to mention to your home comfort consultant so that they can provide suggestions based on their expertise.


If a ductless system sounds right for you, where is the best place for the indoor unit? You could choose a wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted solution. A ducted system needs vents that “push” the air into the room and other vents that “pull” the air out of the room. Work with your home comfort consultant to determine the best location based on how you will be using the room and how to optimize comfort.


Before going ahead and buying a new unit, book a free consultation with one of our home comfort consultants. They will guide you to a unit that’s the best fit for the space. The capability of your existing HVAC system, the size of the new area, and the purpose of the room are important things to consider when choosing a new system. However, nothing compares to meeting with a trained and certified HVAC specialist. Call us today at 301-663-0300 to book your appointment or click here to schedule online.

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