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4 Reasons Why Certain Rooms Are Always Hot

Having one room in the home that’s always hotter than the rest is undoubtedly something you’ve experienced at some point. What’s worse, this can often become unbearable, especially during hot summer days. 

The good thing is that we know the solution! Your unusually hot room can often be explained by one of the reasons listed below:

The Room is Exposed to the Sun

The sun is often the main culprit behind hot rooms. If your room is facing the sun during a significant portion of the day, the heat can easily get trapped. In such instances, the constant exposure to the sun creates a greenhouse effect inside the room. This then makes the room constantly uncomfortable.

You can fix this by keeping the shutters closed all the time, and by installing blinds that completely block the sun. Even if the room is on one of the upper floors where it’s usually hotter than downstairs, blocking the sun should do the trick.

The AC Unit Is Too Small

If the sun is not the problem, then the AC unit most likely is. To be more precise, the problem usually lies in the fact that your AC unit is too small. The same thing goes for an entire HVAC system

Most people don’t consider this fact when installing their HVAC system, which is why we always mention it to our customers when we first install our systems. 

Structural Problems Are Preventing the AC from Working Properly

Sometimes the AC or HVAC system is working efficiently, but some other issues are preventing them from cooling the house to their full capacity.

This could be due to the following structural issues:

  • Air is leaking through doors or windows
  • Your old roofing is creating hotspots
  • Large windows are letting the heat in
  • The insulation is poorly installed

It could be one or more of these issues. You can always call us to inspect your house and identify the problem.

The Ductwork is Damaged or Designed Wrong 

The ductwork is a vital part of any air conditioning system. However, the problem with ductwork is that with time, it will inevitably get damaged. Often when ductwork is installed, the proper design is not completed. This can lead to all sorts of issues, like noise or improper airflow. This can decrease the available cooling to a room, and that will result in a much warmer room. 

Your HVAC is likely to start using more power than usual to compensate, which can lead to other problems as well. The byproduct will always be a hotter room. 

Whatever the case may be, we will be happy to see if your faulty ductwork can be patched or replaced.

If your room is hot and you need assistance identifying the problem, you can always call Frederick Air. We’re here to help! 


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