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HVAC Covid Guideliness keep your family safe

HVAC Covid Guidelines Keep You Safe & Your System Running

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, we do our best to adjust to the “new normal” and go about our lives the best way possible. Many of us have chosen to remain indoors and only go out for the essentials. For most, this has meant virtual learning and working remotely. 

Because we now spend more time indoors, we can’t ignore the importance of maintaining our home environments, making them ideal for living and learning, and working. This means ensuring our heating or cooling equipment is operational, safe, and efficient. But how do we guarantee our systems are running smoothly and efficiently while remaining vigilant about our health? Here’s how: 

Work Only with Technicians Complying with Safety Protocols and Practices 

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Governor’s office have outlined safe practices for HVAC technicians to come into homes and offices. Only well-established companies will employ qualified specialists in their fields and are also educated and trained in the new safety protocols. 

At Frederick Air, we offer the option to pay electronically to avoid handling cash. You can also ask our service person if you can waive your signature, so there’s no need to touch any equipment.

For diagnostic troubleshooting services, we can also do a Facetime or video call to avoid in-person contact. During a virtual diagnostic service call, our technicians will use their expertise to determine whether an in-person visit is necessary.  

Do Not Skip Regular Maintenance 

The pandemic forced us to pause; however, our HVAC systems continue to run. For our HVAC systems to operate efficiently, they need regular maintenance that ensures they provide your home with safe filtration and ventilation. The last thing you should do amidst this crisis is postpone a scheduled HVAC service and risk the equipment breaking down. A broken cooling and heating system can make your home environment extremely uncomfortable, disrupting virtual learning and work schedules.  

Consider Upgrading Your HVAC Systems

Did you know that new HVAC systems on the market were explicitly designed with air cleaning and filtration components? These systems were developed to filter and reduce airborne contaminants. Because health has become one of our most significant concerns, now more than ever, there’s increased demand for cleaner air and decreased exposure to virus particles. 

There are also add-ons for your current unit, like the Air Scrubber by Aerus that remove 99% of all surface and airborne contaminants faster than other methods. Now would be the best time to talk to your trusted HVAC professional about new equipment or accessories that can be added to your current HVAC system.

The safety of both our customers and our team is our utmost priority. We are vigilant in keeping up with the changing environment, developing safety protocols, and complying with the safety practices outlined by the CDC and Governor’s office. 

To learn more about the efforts we make and the steps we take to ensure your safety during these times, contact us today. For service requests, click here or call us at 301-663-0300. 


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