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Read This Before Calling for an HVAC Repair

If you think that your HVAC System is in need of repair, take a look at this list of common issues. You can try diagnosing the problem yourself before requesting service. An HVAC repair can be costly. Even if you are unable to diagnose the problem yourself, you’re able to provide Frederick Air with more information about your system. Then we can determine the likely issue over the phone, which means that the technician could have the right parts when they arrive at your home.

Common HVAC Repairs

The Outdoor Unit Isn’t Doing Anything

Check to make sure that the circuit breaker isn’t tripped. Turn the breaker off and then on again to reset it.

If that doesn’t work, see if the condensate pump is unplugged. Sometimes homeowners or residents mistakenly unplug it and forget to put it back in.

The System Sounds Like It’s Struggling

When was the last time you checked your air filter? Take a look and see if it’s dirty. Depending on your system, the air filter needs to be cleaned or changed regularly. Here’s an article about the importance of changing your HVAC filters.

There’s No Air Coming Through the Vents

Take a look at the drain lines. There may be a pan for water under the unit in an attic and if that has filled, the system will shut down.

If that’s dry, double-check that the power switch for your furnace isn’t flipped off. This would also affect your air conditioning.


Before giving Frederick Air a call, you can try to diagnose the issue yourself and save yourself the expense of an HVAC repair. If the above suggestions don’t result in a working system, you’ve retrieved more information for us to provide the technician so that they can get your system back up and running more quickly. To schedule an HVAC repair appointment, call us at 301-663-0300.

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