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What You Should Know About A Home Energy Audit

A home energy audit can help you stay comfortable in your home every day of the year. Home energy assessments help identify cost-effective ways to reduce your energy usage while enhancing your comfort. The less energy needed to keep you and your family safe, healthy and comfy in your home, the more money you’ll save.

What Does "Real" Customer Service Look Like

How do you know if you are experiencing "real" customer service? Steve Schmidt, President of Frederick Air provides his take on what it means to serve your customers.

Energy Efficient HVAC Tax Credits For Maryland Homeowners

Maryland residents have access to a variety of financial incentives for increasing the energy efficiency of their homes. Along with rebates and grants, tax credits from local, state and federal governments can help defray the cost of energy-efficient residential HVAC equipment.

Why Is It Always So Hot Upstairs?

I get calls all the time from people who complain that the second or top level of their home is too hot! I know this can be incredibly frustrating. My first question is always, “how long has this been a problem?” If it’s a problem that has just recently surfaced; the system may be failing in some fashion that is preventing the unit from cooling the upstairs. You need a certified technician to come out and diagnose what could be failing in your system. If a hot upstairs has been an ongoing nuisance; then there is most likely an overall problem with the system or home design.

3 No-Fuss Home Tips For Saving Energy This Summer

With the (utterly understandable) trauma of spring cleaning still fresh in your mind, the thought of handling any home improvement in the hot summer months can seem like a sweaty bridge too far. Luckily, instead of watching helplessly as your power bill hits the sky on that first air conditioned day, there are three simple ways to help maximize your home’s energy efficiency.

Frederick Air, Inc Named Dealer Of The Year

We're happy to announce that Bryant Heating & Cooling Systems, a leading supplier of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment, has named Frederick Air as the 2014 Bryant® Dealer of the Year.

Windows - To Open or Not To Open?

When it's extremely hot or cold outside, all the windows in your home are shut tight keeping the heat and humidity or cold winds at bay. As homeowners, we spend most of our time and effort seeking ways to create in impenetrable barrier between inside and outside, or as we call it in the HVAC business; conditioned and unconditioned air. There are many reasons to keep inside air in and outside air out.

Why AC Maintenance Belongs On Your Radar

Spring cleaning lists can get long, but it pays to add one more item. AC maintenance can save you cold, hard cash in the long run.

Thwart Dust Bunny Invasions By Getting Your Air Ducts Cleaned

Worried about the level of dust in your home? It might be time to get your air ducts cleaned.

How Long Should My Bryant Heating System Last?

Many different factors can affect how long a heating system lasts, including the quality of the installation, the associated components and the level of maintenance. The amount of usage that your heating system gets has an impact on longevity too, as does the design, layout and construction of your home.



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