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How Your Duct System Can Negatively Impact Your Family's Health -- And What To Do About It!

According to an analysis conducted by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), average Americans spend roughly 90% of their time indoors. As a result, the air quality inside our homes needs to be given top priority. But indoor air quality can sometimes be two to five times poorer than outside, depending on the time of day, the activities that happen inside, and the state of the HVAC system itself.

Why AC Repairs Should Be Done By a Professional

There are many moving parts within any air conditioning system, with every one of them, needing to be in proper order for the entire system to work efficiently. Neglecting to do regular maintenance and proper repairs to your AC system will ensure a steady decline regarding its performance, all the while raising your energy use, as well as your costs.

4 Tips for Improving Your Home's Indoor Air Quality

Most of us spend the majority of our time indoors, so it’s of major importance to ensure proper air quality in our living spaces. The air pollution that exists outside is undeniable and people take all sorts of precautions to protect themselves and their loved ones, but they are often unaware of the fact that the air inside our homes can be just as polluted.

Doing "Whatever it Takes" for Our Hearing Impaired Customers

Every member of the Frederick Air Family matters and we want to do everything we can for them. That's why we've adjusted our processes so that working with your local HVAC company is easier for those who are hearing impaired.

Frederick Air Recognized as Top Performer for IAQ

We're excited to announce that Frederick Air was recently recognized by Carrier Mid-Atlantic for being a Top Performer for IAQ in 2017. Proper indoor air quality (IAQ) is important and we help create a cleaner, healthier home for our customers with our products and services.

What Happens in a Residential Home Energy Assessment?

An energy assessment is a valuable tool for homeowners who want to understand the best ways to reduce their utility bills and improve their home's energy efficiency. To get the most out of the energy assessment and ask specific questions about their home's energy usage, homeowners should understand what happens during a typical home energy assessment.

Steve Schmidt Selected 2018 Chairman of ACCA

Steve Schmidt, president of Frederick, Maryland-based Frederick Air Inc., founded his business in 1992 on his personal convictions of honesty, integrity, and faith in God. And since day one as a business owner, Schmidt has been a member of ACCA. Now, Schmidt is preparing to take over the reigns as ACCA’s chairman of the board in 2018.

How to Stay Warm and Cozy at Home Without Cranking Up the Heat

Keeping your home warm and cozy when the weather is cold is not as difficult as you might think. Here are a few things you can do to keep comfortable no matter how cold it is outside.

10 Things You Should Know About Emergency Heat

If you take a close look at your HVAC system, you may notice an emergency setting and wonder what it does. You may even wonder if you should give that setting a try, but before you do, you need to know what it does and what it should be used for.



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