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February Exceptional Customer of the Month

At Frederick Air, we have an Exceptional Customer Jar where anyone in the office or in the field can nominate customers that are helpful or wonderful or touched our lives in some way. Anything from rescheduling maintenance so we could get to a customer without heat to giving hot cocoa to the crew working in a cold attic goes a long way! Each month we read aloud those nominated and one is randomly selected as our Exceptional Customer of the Month.

Washington Gas Helps Government Employees Affected During Shutdown

Washington Gas, which has more than one million customers in D.C., Maryland, and Virginia, will offer those affected by the shutdown a range of flexible payment plans, such as deferred payment, or a program that will allow them to spread the cost of their winter heating throughout the upcoming year.

Safety Tips for Using Space Heaters

Portable space heaters can be an excellent temporary alternative or addition to central heating systems. They can help lower the cost of your energy bills by adding heat only in the most frequently used rooms, thus, eliminating the need to warm the entire home. Here are some of the most important safety tips when using these space heaters.

December Exceptional Customer of the Month

Celebrating exceptional customers are one of the best things about working here! We have an Exceptional Customer Jar in the office where anyone can nominate customers that are helpful or touched our lives in some way. Here's our pick for December 2018!

Join the Frederick Air Family! Job Opening: Warehouse Entry-level Position

We're looking for a dependable and hardworking person who can help us in the warehouse. Are you the right person for the position?

Your Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

The changing of the seasons is always a problem for homeowners. It is especially true for those who live in areas that experience some extremes in temperatures and precipitation when the seasons change. The start of fall is no exception. Here's a list of items to inspect before winter hits.

How Does Air Conditioning Work?

Your air conditioning (known as AC) is a system that removes heat and moisture from an enclosed space, be it a home, office, warehouse, car, and so on, usually to improve the living conditions for those inside. Interestingly enough, your air conditioning system works more or less the same as your refrigerator. The significant difference is the size of the space each has to cool. The way AC works, however, revolves around some pretty simple principles.

9 Great Ways to Make Your Older Home More Energy Efficient

If you own an older home, you do not have to adopt a "come what may" attitude when it comes to your home's energy efficiency, or lack of it, and your steadily rising utility bills. Here are nine ways you can improve the energy efficiency of an older home without the need for significant structural changes, expensive remodeling projects, or a major construction undertaking.

Reduce the Stress on Your AC with the 20-Degree Rule

If it's 100 degrees outside and we set our thermostat to 60, we're putting the AC system under considerable strain. Prolong the life of your system and avoid any unnecessary repairs down the line by following the 20-degree rule.

HVAC Repair: When is it Time to Call a Professional?

When it comes to the comfort of our own homes, almost nothing impact as much as the HVAC system. Unless the heater breaks down in the middle of a blizzard or the AC unit stops working during a heat wave, we usually pay little to no attention to it.



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