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HVAC Repair: When is it Time to Call a Professional?

Frederick Air | July 5, 2018

When it comes to the comfort of our own homes, almost nothing impacts us as much as the HVAC system. When the heater breaks down in the middle of a blizzard or the AC unit stops working during a heat wave, getting it fixed becomes the top priority. 

The average American spends roughly 90% of his or her time indoors which means that they make use of their HVAC system almost regularly. Depending on the climate in your area; things like clogged filters, leaky ductwork, sooty flues, or unlubricated fan motors, among others, can significantly reduce the efficiency of your HVAC system by as much as 25%. 

At best, this means a higher electrical bill and increased maintenance costs down the line, and at worst, it can imply a health hazard for those living inside. Since the HVAC system is in charge of the indoor air quality, not giving it the proper attention it deserves, can lead to bacteria, mold, and other allergens or airborne particles to build up and pollute the air.

When Is It Time to Call a Professional?

While some issues can be handled by the homeowner, such as changing the air filter, other things should be left in the hands of professionals. These include:

  • A water leak at an indoor unit.
  • An outdoor unit will not shut off.
  • The indoor fan keeps running even after the system is turned off.
  • Every time you hear the system making loud or strange noises.

The Annual Tune-up

Like every mechanism, your HVAC system will experience wear and tear, and while some are capable of handling this regular maintenance on their own, we recommend that you contact a professional for this annual check-up. 

Authorized technicians will inspect the system for any leaks or faulty wiring, as well as to check the level of refrigerant present and make sure that everything is running correctly and without a hitch. These will help prolong the life of your system, by repairing or replacing any damaged parts before they can cause any more damage, saving you plenty of money, time, and energy in the long run.

The added benefit of being on a maintenance plan with Frederick Air is that you get priority scheduling should a problem occur.

If You Are Buying a New Home or Expanding Your Old One

Trained HVAC technicians can recommend you the right size of the heating and cooling system for your home. Knowing the right system that will work with a differently-sized home requires some calculations and prior knowledge about what HVAC systems are available on the market. 

If you purchase and install a system that is too small, it will accelerate its wear and tear, which, by extension, will reduce its lifespan. Similarly, if you install a system that’s too big, your overall energy costs will rise.  

HVAC systems require some annual maintenance to run correctly, both in the scorching heat of summer or in the cold of winter. Luckily, some maintenance issues can be resolved by you, such as changing the air filters or oiling the bearings. But if something does go wrong or you are not sure how to handle it yourself, it's best to call in the experts to help you deal with the issue.


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