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Simple Ways To Save Energy At Home

Energy costs remain one of the biggest financial drains on consumers, whether they are homeowners or renters. Sometimes, a high bill is simply a matter of not taking the necessary steps to be more efficient. These are just a few ways you might be able to slash what you pay each month.

Warmly Welcome House Guests With These Tips

If you're welcoming guests into your home this holiday season, we know there's a lot to think about. There are the basics: food, heat, a place to sleep. Then there are some things that aren't so obvious. We recently came across a blog post, 10 Guest Room Essentials and Tips, that we just had to share. Here are some additional ideas to make your guest room extra special.

Top 10 Benefits Of An Airtight Home

Most homeowners are unaware that 90% of all homes leak up to 40% of conditioned air through perforations, seams, and gaps in ductwork. Not sealing these leaks is like leaving your front door open all year long. There are many benefits to an airtight home, and there are some that you might not be aware of yet.

Decorating Your Home For Fall

Decorating your home for autumn is a great way to show your personality. You might choose to do something scary so that trick-or-treaters steer clear of your home, or you might want to do something beautifully seasonal and full of fall colors. Whatever you choose, it’s nice to have a temporary change of scenery that kicks off the holiday season!

5 Tips For Preventing Frozen Pipes

Colder weather will be here before you know it. We wanted to give you a few tips on how to prevent freezing pipes before it’s too late. A frozen pipe can lead to a burst pipe, which is a very costly fix. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to prevent this from happening.

What's In A Maintenance Agreement

Many people wonder if a maintenance agreement is worth the investment. Obviously, you'll have to make that decision for yourself. What we can tell you is regular maintenance minimizes the cost of future repair bills. Find out more about how a maintenance agreement can save you time and money.

What You Should Know About A Home Energy Audit

A home energy audit can help you stay comfortable in your home every day of the year. Home energy assessments help identify cost-effective ways to reduce your energy usage while enhancing your comfort. The less energy needed to keep you and your family safe, healthy and comfy in your home, the more money you’ll save.

What Does "Real" Customer Service Look Like

How do you know if you are experiencing "real" customer service? Steve Schmidt, President of Frederick Air provides his take on what it means to serve your customers.

Energy Efficient HVAC Tax Credits For Maryland Homeowners

Maryland residents have access to a variety of financial incentives for increasing the energy efficiency of their homes. Along with rebates and grants, tax credits from local, state and federal governments can help defray the cost of energy-efficient residential HVAC equipment.

Why Is It Always So Hot Upstairs?

I get calls all the time from people who complain that the second or top level of their home is too hot! I know this can be incredibly frustrating. My first question is always, “how long has this been a problem?” If it’s a problem that has just recently surfaced; the system may be failing in some fashion that is preventing the unit from cooling the upstairs. You need a certified technician to come out and diagnose what could be failing in your system. If a hot upstairs has been an ongoing nuisance; then there is most likely an overall problem with the system or home design.



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