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What is HVAC Preventive Maintenance?

Many homeowners make adjustments to their thermostats regularly without giving their HVAC unit a second thought. As long as the system turns on and works as it should, you may not consider contacting an HVAC technician for assistance. However, as is the case with many types of mechanical equipment, such as your car, it is best to tune up your HVAC system from time to time with some preventive maintenance care. Understanding what this type of service is and how it can help you is essential if you want to keep you system in the best condition possible.

August Exceptional Customer of the Month

We started an "Exceptional Customer of the Month" to recognize the wonderful people that we serve. Our team members can nominate any customer that is helpful or touched our lives in some way. Anything from rescheduling a maintenance so we could get to a customer without air conditioning to making refreshing lemonade for the crew working in a hot attic. Each month we read aloud those nominated and one is randomly selected as our Exceptional Customer of the Month.

Can Your Ductwork Affect the Performance of Your HVAC System?

The condition of the ductwork connected to your HVAC system influences how well your home is heated or cooled. It can also affect the cleanliness of the air that you breathe, the lack of which can lead to illness in some or all of the inhabitants of your home. Here is a look at some of the factors involved in an inspection of the ductwork used to circulate heated/cooled air within your home.

10 Smart Ways to Reduce Your Summer Cooling Costs

We're in the hottest months of the year. Have you thought about how you can keep your energy bills under control? If you spent last summer sweating in the heat and sweating even more about how to pay for cooling your home, there are some proactive steps you can take to stay cooler and more comfortable this summer - without breaking the bank. Here are 10 steps you can take right now to keep your home, and your wallet, cooler this summer.

How to Conduct Your Own Home Energy Audit

To increase energy efficiency in your home, you will first need to conduct an energy audit of your house. This will help you to determine the areas in which you are losing energy. By following these guidelines, you can find your home's problem areas and make your living space more energy efficient.

The Importance of Changing Your HVAC Filters

If you are like most people, you may have the best of intentions for changing your air filters on a regular basis. However, you may easily overlook this important task and fail to change the filters on the schedule you intended to. If you have allergies and pets, it is recommended that you clean or replace your filter on a monthly basis. At the very least, check to see if it's dirty and if so then change it. Air filters serve a number of vital functions for you, so there are good reasons why you should make an effort to remember to change the filters regularly. With a closer look at what these reasons are, you may consider setting yourself reminders so that you change them regularly.

3 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Replacing Your HVAC Unit

Replacing an HVAC system is one of the biggest expenses homeowners will experience after they've purchased a home. Since this shopping experience is one that isn't frequently dealt with, it is easy to make a mistake when purchasing a new HVAC unit. Here is a look at five of the largest mistakes a homeowner can make when they are faced with an HVAC replacement.

Is Your HVAC System Ready for Summer?

During the summer months, you may turn your HVAC unit on to keep cool, and you may run the system non-stop throughout the day and night for several months or longer. This type of intensive use can be brutal on your system, so you understandably want to keep it well-maintained and take steps now to get it ready for the considerable amount of wear and tear that it will experience in the coming weeks and months.

Clean Your HVAC Ducts for Better Health and Energy Savings

While it isn't necessary to clean your HVAC ducts on a weekly basis, this task should be undertaken at least every five years. Some sources recommend doing so every three years. Although no scientific research has come up with definitive results that cleaning the vents has positive consequences, many industry experts believe that doing so improves the quality of the air that you breathe while using your HVAC system.

3 Reasons to Consider a Ductless System

Any decision made about the home is an important one. When it comes to choices about heating and cooling, you want to know that you are getting the best possible solution. Comfort, efficiency, and good air quality are all important things to consider when deciding on what HVAC system to incorporate into your home or business. Why not consider investing in a ductless mini-split for your HVAC needs?



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