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Why is my Utility Bill so High?

Why is my Utility Bill so High?

Steve Schmidt | January 23, 2017

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December Exceptional Customer of the Month

Our December Exceptional Customer of the Month is Ann Knill from Spring Ridge. Earlier this month, we had to reschedule her maintenance appointment due to a last minute family emergency for our technician. She was so gracious and understanding. We know how valuable your time is and we appreciate it when a customer is so willing to work with us.

Top Benefits of Regular HVAC Maintenance Service

Regular HVAC maintenance service is recommended for all makes and models of units, and this is a type of tune-up service that is designed to help you keep your system operating well for months to come. In fact, you can enjoy several key benefits when you schedule annual maintenance service on your HVAC system.

November Exceptional Customer of the Month

Our November Exceptional Customer of the Month is Mary Johnson from Frederick, MD. Her system had a malfunction and it took a bunch of effort by our staff to properly diagnose and fix the problem. Throughout the entire process, she was gracious and understanding. In fact, she was nominated twice, that's how incredibly nice she was!

What’s a diagnostic charge and why should I pay it?

There’s a new world out there and it’s called “Flat Rate”. The people that are my age will remember the days when a repairman would come to your home or business, or you would bring your car into a garage and pay an amount for each hour the mechanic spent finding out what the problem was and fixing it and; paying the cost of materials plus some markup calculated in some mysterious and “super-secret” fashion. Those days are gone! The automotive industry paved the way for most forward thinking service companies to charge a fair price for a repair, every time.

October Exceptional Customer of the Month

We started an "Exceptional Customer of the Month" to recognize the wonderful people that we serve. Come see who was picked for October!

6 Smart Tips to Help You Save Energy and Money This Winter Season

The winter season can be challenging for a number of reasons. Falling sleet and snow turn once hospitable roads into hazardous obstacle courses, increasing the odds of an accident and making driving difficult and downright scary. The colder temperatures mean loading on the layers before even leaving the house, making everything from going to the mailbox to heading out to work more of a hassle.

What You Need to Know About the EPA’s Phase-Out of ODS Refrigerants

If you own an air conditioning system that contains refrigerant known as R-22; there are big changes coming rapidly. The laws governing its production have had an ever increasing effect on your choices in the event that you need to add or replace refrigerant in your system. Simply stated, new production of R-22 has come to an end and the existing supply of R-22 is in short supply and getting shorter with each passing day. As a result, the cost of the remaining R-22 is skyrocketing out of control. The price of R-22 is literally increasing weekly if not daily. This situation has forced Frederick Air to make some choices and form a policy concerning the addition and replacement of refrigerant for our customers with systems that contain R-22.

September Exceptional Customer of the Month

We started an "Exceptional Customer of the Month" to recognize the wonderful people that we serve. Come see who was picked for September!



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